I started Arthur Loves Plastic in 1994 with the onboard sequencer of a Korg M-1, loops from Zero-G sample CDs loaded into a Roland S-330 sampler, and racks of Alesis gear. It was an arsenal powered by floppy discs and a tangle of midi cables. In 1995 Barry Fry at the legendary UK ‘zine Music from the Empty Quarter heard my demos and signed me to his imprint T.E.Q.Music. His early faith gave me hope.

ALP has been my artistic focal point for 25 years now. As of late my interests have shifted to a few other side projects so I decided to do a retrospective of past work to mark the end of an era. The process of creating medleys of my early releases has reminded me that some things I thought were good ideas at the time were often over-ambitious and half-baked. On the other hand there were details I obsessively stressed over that no longer matter.

Though I consider myself a solo artist I did not work alone. I would like to thank Barry Fry for his initial validation, the Tapegerm Collective for inspired loops, Lisa Moscatiello for lucious vocals, and all the creators of VSTs and DAWs I have used over the years such as xoxos, de la Mancha, and H.G. Fortune. Also Scotland's Andy Gee has been a wonderfully supportive reviewer who makes me feel heard, and Andy S. encouraged me with his bandcamp purchases as I rolled out the mixes. And thank you dear listeners!